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About Us - RCA Ethics Program
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The Rotary Club of Albuquerque’s Ethics Program rests on two principal foundations: a simple, inclusive definition of what we mean by “ethics” and a vocabulary by which we discuss our behaviors and their results.


Any definition has to be both clear and uncomplicated or it will not be fully understood or embraced.  Our definition is very simple:  Rotary ethics are the sum total of the expectations of the group—the Rotary Club of Albuquerque.   The core values of Rotary are contained in Rotary’s foundational documents and core beliefs.  Fortunately, Rotarians to a high standard world wide share these basic beliefs and they do not need to be retaught; they are already embedded in our values.  Our values are most clearly expressed in The Four Way Test, our motto of “Service Above Self,” and the Rotary Code of Conduct (formerly known as the Declaration).


The second foundation is our vocabulary.  A vocabulary consists of words that express our views and expectations.  We call these the Six Ethical Traits of Character.  They are Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  These words are a “universal” sort of vocabulary and include all basic human activity.  We can describe everything we expect as Rotarians in the context of this vocabulary.


Our Ethics Program uses all of these six Ethical Traits of Character to express and explain the behaviors that we expect of ourselves and our fellow Rotarians.  We refer to these statements as the “Rotarization” of our language to make our vocabulary more relevant to Rotary activities, experience and expectations.


Our club has had a formal Ethics Program since 2006.  Its activities are overseen by an Ethics Committee of interested Rotary Club of Albuquerque members.  Each of the Ethical Traits is given prominence during the Rotary fiscal year and efforts are made through the various Club committee chairmanships to integrate the language into the Club’s activities such as the Program Introduction, Thought for the Day, Invocation, Rewards and Recognition and such. 


We continue to seek ways to remind Rotarians of our core values and the various ways these are expressed and modeled.  We value certain behaviors as Rotarians and we wish to discourage others.  The better our values are showcased in our behaviors as Rotarians toward one another and to others beyond the context of our club’s activities, we believe that we are enhancing the value of Rotary and its ideals to our communities and local environments.